Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Attorney in Clearwater, FL

The death of a family member is a heartbreaking and difficult event. It is particularly tragic when the passing could have been avoided because it was caused by the careless or wrongful act of another, such as an employer, doctor, hospital, or nursing home. If you believe that the death of a family member is the fault of another individual or entity, seek out the legal guidance of a professional wrongful death attorney in Clearwater, FL.

At Idrizi Law , we specialize in representing clients in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. We have an impressive team of experienced lawyers that work together to help produce the desired results that you deserve.

Whether you are seeking justice for the responsible party or are wishing to gain just compensation to cover the costs of funeral expenses and other damages, we will do everything within our power to bring about a legal solution to your every need.


Seek Counsel with an Experienced Attorney of Wrongful Death

State statutory provisions govern wrongful death actions in Florida. State law requires wrongful death suits to be brought by the personal representative of the deceased. A knowledgeable attorney of wrongful death will help you determine which family members qualify as “survivors of the decedent” in order to be eligible for compensation. If there are children born out wedlock, they are eligible for compensation for the father’s wrongful death only if the father recognized a responsibility for the child’s support. The following are individuals who are qualified to file wrongful death claims on behalf of a deceased person:

• Immediate Family Members               

• Anyone Who Suffers Financially

• Parents of Deceased Fetuses

• Putative Spouses

• Life Partners

• Distant Family Members

• Financial Dependents

Take Immediate Action

If you suspect that a family member was the victim of wrongful death, whether by the negligent or improper actions of an employer, medical staff; auto driver, or prescription drug manufacturer, it is important to act quickly and consult a wrongful death attorney. The statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death suit in Florida is only two years. Before you agree to sign any settlement papers or make any official statements, we suggest that you consult our law practice as soon as possible. Wrongful death often occurs in the following situations:

• Nursing Home Abuse, Malpractice, or Negligence

• Hospital Malpractice or Negligence

• Workplace Accident

• Pharmaceutical Liability for Unsafe or Defective Prescription Drugs

• Automobile or Other Transportation Accidents